Leaves or pods?

My intention was to make crochet leaves, but they turned out looking more like pods! Either way, I’m happy …

[eco dyed yarns, wooden beads, leather cord; crochet]

new cards

Sometimes I take a break from eco dyeing! Now available for sale at www.gonerustic.etsy.com



Before and after

After removing the damaged fringe on this eco dyed scarf, I replaced it with a hand crocheted edge using eco dyed yarn.




This is how it looked with the old fringe:


Love how it looks now!

This week’s reveal

The eco dyed bundles are now unrolled, washed and ironed. I went for a subtle effect this time!  

 Nylon cami and half slip – eucalyptus and borax dye pot; eucalyptus leaves in the bundle.

Cotton drapey cardigan and nylon bustier; eucalyptus and iron/copper dye pot; iron nails, eucalyptus and blackberry leaves in the bundles.

 Cotton blend crochet scarf; eucalyptus and borax dye pot; eucalyptus and blackberry leaves in the bundle. Silk top and cotton scarf; top in a eucalyptus and borax dye pot (eucalyptus leaves in the bundle); scarf in a eucalyptus and copper/iron dyepot (eucalyptus and blackberry leaves in the bundle).   The bundles before they were unrolled (above and below).


Very happy with the result!

Yesterday I decided to turn part of the studio into a dedicated space for Gone Rustic Eco Fashions … here is a side view of the new studio window display. 


Looking through the doorway from the gallery into the studio. Love my suitcase collection!


A vintage ladder and shabby chic clothes racks showcase the eco fashion range.


I bought this hanging torso mannequin as one of a pair on eBay.


A vintage French armagnac barrel and Australian bentwood chair enhance the window display, along with some retro chrome hat stands and antique wooden finials.