Still wet, and wonderful.

The bundles have been unrolled and the results make me happy!  Dye pot 1 – bracken fern and alum (three items at left of photo); dye pot 2 – Tasmanian blackwood and alum (two items at right of photo).  Fabrics (left to right) – viscose, silk/cotton, silk, silk (front) and cotton (back), silk.  In the layers, various combinations of rose, blackberry and eucalyptus leaves. Two garments also included iron nails. Can you tell which ones? These bundles are already developing a lovely yellow hue after only half a morning in the crockpot – Tasmanian blackwood and 1 tspn of alum. Two silk garments and a belt tie. Bundles turning a gorgeous golden brown after only an hour – mature bracken fern and 2 tspns of alum. The two on the left are silk garments; on the right is viscose.

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