Rust and Relaxation

Shouldn’t that read Rest and Relaxation? Well yes, and no.

My idea of relaxing (having given myself the day off) is making. So that’s what I’m doing!

I dug out some vintage linens which I eco dyed some time ago, and wrapped them around rusty pieces of iron after dipping them in a vinegar/water solution (a 1920’s cotton slip, a Victorian chemise, doileys and several table napkins). Now all I have to do is wait for the sun to do the rest. Not that it’s very sunny today but I can hope.


Next, I decided to try the steaming method for eco printing. Three tops – two silk and one cotton – were layered with various combinations of eucalyptus and banksia leaves, onion skins and red dahlia flowers. I also used foil in two of the bundles as a ‘blanket’ to hopefully influence the colour and give some separation to the layers.


After allowing the bundles to steam for 1.5 hours, I opened them at various intervals to see if that made any difference. Next time I don’t think I’ll wait!

I’m pretty happy with my first try at eco printing using the steaming method. Here is silk top no. 1:

And silk top no. 2:

And last but not least, top no. 3, which is cotton:

I have a few thoughts on how I can improve on it though! How about you?

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