Memories of my mother’s button collection. 

Work in progress: ‘my mother’s skirt’, part 6.

Friendship day

Thank you to Judy Duckett of Bagdad Quilting Supplies for organising this. Attended by stitchers from all over northeastern Tasmania, it was a fun day and a profitable one too!

Upcycled fashion + eco dyeing

Latest eco dyeing waiting for the right customers! A dress and two jumpers that are both sustainable and unique.

Luckily, native cherry grows on our land … 

Cotton cardigan reinvented with eco dyeing (native cherry + copper) and an added torn vintage silk trim. Goes well with the asymmetric cotton tunic I made from eco dyed fabrics a couple of weeks back!

I love the variety of greens it gives. The cardi was originally a pale mint; the dress fabrics were beige.

The unveiling – eco printing successful! 

To see the complete video (2.35 minutes, with music), click on the image … the moment when couturier Rudolf Ramseyer and I were trying to take a selfie.