A long and difficult birth

Update – I didn’t win but I’m very happy to have been in the top three!

Just found out my entry is in the top 3 for People’s Choice Award in Victoria.
Here is the blog post and video about ‘The Making of Mary Mordaunt’, inspired by a vintage book about a young woman in the early 1900’s who had to make some difficult choices.
More news tomorrow!


People think art is easy. I can tell you it’s not!

This exhibition entry has emerged after a long gestation, and not a little mental sweat.

I think/I hope it was worth it!

Here is a video I made via YouTube:

The Making of Mary Mordaunt by Rita Summers

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In my past life I've been a teacher, a community house manager and a radio station manager. Art has been a strong thread that has run through most of my life, and is now my main focus and passion. I co-own and operate a gallery in Tasmania, Australia.

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