Eco dying with purple carrots, raspberries and more

Sneak peak of yesterday’s dyeing results before washing (see earlier blog post for details of the Miss Universe Australia dress project).

My mother’s skirt, nos. 3 and 4

Big day (big week actually) – but slow stitching keeps me grounded.

Miss Universe Australia collaborative project


After sharing this exciting news on my personal Facebook page I feel it is now time to go public! I have been approached by couturier Rudolf Ramseyer to collaborate with him on the dress for Tasmania’s entrant in Miss Universe Australia. He has asked me to eco dye several metres of silk chiffon (sourced from Ruche Fabrics –, which he will then make into a one-off creation that will reflect the colours of our beautiful state. I am absolutely thrilled to be asked, as you can imagine! To find out more about Rudolf, please visit his website – 

My mother’s skirt, no. 3 (in progress)

Even though I have other projects on the go, this one is really grabbing my attention!