Collaboration video

Here is a short video of the collections I’ve designed so far in collaboration with ethical fashion company ShopVida, based on 4 of my eco prints on paper. Made to order, the designs featured here are: ‘ghosts of autumn’, ‘forest floor’, ‘urban chic’ and ‘lost and found’.
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This is your chance to own and wear a little bit of Tasmania! My new ‘Ghosts of Autumn’ collection is based on an eco print I did on rice paper, using an oak leaf collected during my recent artist residency in New Norfolk. AND my first 10 customers will also receive a $25 gift card. How good is that? The result of my collaboration with nature and ShopVida.

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A hidden story

Spent some time on this yesterday! For a glimpse of other work in this series, please visit  

Hand stitched A3-sized wall hanging in progress, part of my [in]visible threads series. Eco dyed/rusted vintage linen and cotton fabrics (doilies, cot sheet) with strips of eco dyed shopping bag paper; vintage ecclesiastical crochet lace. Quilted with eco dyed silk tape and commercial perle cottons; embroidered with eco dyed perle cotton.   

Eco prints, cont.

[Watercolour paper (300 gsm); leaves; onion skins; rusty nails etc.; papers dipped in alum water and leaves dipped in tea before layering and steaming for 2 hours under weights.]