journal quilts

this series, which i’ve called journey of life, was made as part of a challenge offered by an online group i belong to, called australian + new zealand art quilters

each quilt had to be A4 size, and the examples shown below were titled dance, growth, light, night and fire(in order as shown)

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a different theme and suggested techniques  were offered each month, which you could follow – or not …

i selected and fused layers of various materials, with machine and hand-stitching added, as well as embellishments sewn on by hand

dance – includes satin and silk fabrics, most of them found and/or upcycled; also 2 strips of organza ribbon which had been wrapped around a gift

growth – features a background of fibres layered between water-soluble stabiliser, stitched in a grid by machine, and then rinsed to make a new ‘fabric’

light – pieces of organza and satin which i singed with a candle flame, and some shells given to me by a friend, embellish this quilt

night – background consists of tulle and lace which has been layered over a fused collage of fabric scraps

fire – a layer of ribbon and tulle form a background for applique shapes in felt and satin

it was a lot of fun playing with various techniques while making these quilts

for salelight and fire (click here)

soldnight, dance, growth

21 thoughts on “journal quilts

    • Thank you Barbara! It really helps that they’re not very big, so you can include quite a lot of detail without it taking forever to do (not that I mind the time involved …) =D


  1. These are beautiful. Is there an extreme amount of time involved with each? Thank you for sharing…this is such a wonderful addition to your already amazing blog. Cheers, Betina


    • Thanks so much, Betina! I really appreciate your visit and comment – and I’m sorry to take so long to respond … They didn’t take a huge amount of time to make, although the handstitching takes a while. However, I love doing it so I don’t notice how time consuming it is! =D


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