folio: abundance

i made this folio to ‘store’ some of my small art (drawings on old railway tickets)

the name abundance came from one of the phrases i collaged onto the front

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[rusted and painted found cardboard and papers; plant dyed silk and wool; shellac; found objects; stitch; glue]


2 thoughts on “folio: abundance

  1. HI Rita, thank you for liking my post on my blog, i have just started so its wonderful to have a ‘like’ !! I love your journals and your shop looks so wonderful too, your work reminds me of a textile artist I heard about in New Zealand, i’ll remember the name and forward it to you, you may like her work too. Isabelle


    • A pleasure, Isabelle! All the best with the new blog. Thanks for visiting mine, too, and for lovely comment! I’d really like to find out more about the NZ textile artist you mentioned; it’s always inspiring to see what other artists are doing … =D


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