work + play

interior views of gone rustic gallery

open door in 2nd photo leads to my studio cum classroom, office and kitchen



new stock



for sale at my gallery – first day back on deck after the holiday break

note stitchedupmama’s input also …

secrets – and 1 became 2

i’ve stitched another funky little birdsecrets - bird 2 - rita summers

it seems to get along very well with bird no. 1secrets - birds 1 +  2 c- rita summers

their dangly legs and loopy feathers make me smilesecrets - birds 1 + 2 b - rita summers

so… i’ve now made 8 altogether!

they’re all made from various designs in my original secrets fabric collection

[more photos next post]

christmas @ gone rustic

i had fun setting up a window display in the gallery to celebrate christmaschristmas 2012 - gone rustic 1

i wanted something uncomplicated and not too fussychristmas 2012 - gone rustic 10 (which is how christmas should be)

a christmas table runner made by one of our local stitcherschristmas 2012 - gone rustic 3 was the beginning

a small book from our collection continued to set the themechristmas 2012 - gone rustic 7

i added a photo of my mother reading to us kids when we were young

a stove similar to the one in the photochristmas 2012 - gone rustic 8 also appears in the little book

i think these pages say it allchristmas 2012 - gone rustic 9 – i recommend clicking on the photo below & zooming in on it

not long until the big day now!christmas 2012 - gone rustic 5

christmas 2012 - gone rustic 2

“And then you will remember what Christmas means – the beginning of Christianity … the Second Chance for the world … the hope for peace … and the only way.  The promise that the angels sang is the most wonderful music the world has ever heard.  Peace on earth and good will toward men!

[from Let’s Keep Christmas by Peter Marshall, with an
introduction by Cathering Marshall; pub. 1955]