new youtube video

I now have my own YouTube channel! I will use this to publicise my art and my business. First up – ‘Landmarks’, a presentation about my handmade book series of that name. Enjoy!

more journal covers

less than 24 hours after I put them out for sale my 4 mini journals found new owners, so I have started on the next batch … fabric and thread scraps trapped under pieces of hand dyed organza and lace, with machine stitching started


secrets cont.

over the weekend i started cutting and making blocks using samples of fabric from my secrets fabric collection

i experimented to find a good block design which would make best use of the fabric, i.e. waste as little of it as possiblesecrets block 8

i ended up with something similar to the traditional patience corner patchwork block

it doesn’t look too bad at all, in my humble opinion!

i cut out 10 blocks in total, with more swatches stacked ready to cut up

the last 4 blocks i cut are in a different configuration, which might get used for a separate project

some of the designs have been ‘tweaked’ since these swatches arrived, but they still give a good representation, especially of colour

more progress in my next post …

[note – this fabric collection was inspired by my original drawings with text from my visual journal, secrets]

hidden treasures – cont.

while visiting family for the weekend, i finished hand stitching the cover of my pocket book

after we came home i added a lining and attached the pockets to the cover by machine

i raided my jewellery box and found a broken necklace which was just right for embellishing the spine

i also raided a jewellery box i inherited from a relative some years ago

in it, i found some treasures to add to some of mine

these will go into some of the pockets, along with contributions from some special people in my life

now to work out how to make a closure for the cover …

opus 16

recently i posted a page about 3 drawings i did on rusted text paper

what i didn’t mention was that i featured them in a handmade artist book

i used upcycled cardboard and found objects as well as some extra rusted papers, such as sheet music

i also added plant dyed wool and silk, and – of course – stitch

holes were cut into the pages and ‘screened’ with thread, as an experiment to allow the reader to glimpse other parts of the book

i was also interested to see how these holes allowed the light in, which is why i took so many photos!