Isn’t she gorgeous?

Love how volunteer model Sarah Parker looks in my entry in the Queensland 2016 Art to Wear Awards! Titled ‘The Making of Mary Mordaunt’, it is made from an eco dyed and rusted vintage slip and a Victorian chemise, to which I’ve added hand stitched and crochet embellishments with vintage silk and shredded paper around the hem. More wearable art entries on their Facebook page.

almost there

my aim is to have 50 eco dyed garments ready for the launch this saturday – only a few more to go

damp and beautiful

the dyepots were still simmering, but I had to share these photos of a cami and a skirt in the process of drying and oxidising before the sun disappeared for the day (eucalyptus and tea dyepot with a handful of copper nails thrown in as modifier)