Stables Handmade Market

Launching some new designs this Sunday at the old stables in my local town … getting excited!

Birdhouse cards (stitched paper collage)


Yo yo hair-clips (eco dyedsilk, cotton, wool; handmade; vintage button)

Hope to see you there!

steamfest in tasmania

husband, daughter and i spent an enjoyable (if very hot) few hours at the annual steamfest event today, in the ‘mural town’ of sheffieldSteamfest 13 - March 2013

husband was keen to see vintage steam engines and vintage cars so we let him go off on his ownSteamfest 18 - March 2013daughter and i alternated between finding shady places to cool off and looking at all the displays, including one by the sheffield spinners

there was even a toy story bouncy castle, but we resisted the temptation to have a go (it was too hot)Steamfest 1 - March 2013a steam train ran regularly, taking passengers who were waiting at the historic railway station (unfortunately i omitted to photograph them)Steamfest 14 - March 2013i learned that tasmanian fine ice creams are absolutely delicious (i had the lemon cheesecake flavour)

we saw a few people in historic costumeSteamfest 17 - March 2013we browsed through a wide variety of market stalls, including a display by the local collectibles club (husband had rejoined us at this stage)

lots of vintage machinery (many in working order) were on show, including this ‘mystery object’, which we thought might be a grain thresher

i couldn’t resist buying a rustic little wooden birdhouse to use as a prop in my gallery, which my daughter ‘carried’ for meSteamfest 19 - March 2013all in all, it was a great day!

i still make quilts

even though my focus now is mixed media and textile art, i still occasionally make quilts

during the 1990’s they were my passion and they were a great way to develop my creativity and skills

now, i make them from time to time for my house, for gifts or ‘just because’

there’s something very nurturing about quilts … having said that, i keep some, i give some away, and i sell some

here are a couple of my more recent quilt projects (i.e. made since 2008)

butteflies in birdsville

 family reunion quilt top (it has been quilted since this photo was taken)

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