8 funky little birds

finally finished all the birds i started making before christmas

quite a little flock … all made from my original secrets fabric designsfunky little birds 1 + 2, a - rita summers

for sale – click here

tagged and ready to go

today i finished getting everything ready for the deloraine market on saturday

hatchlings, hearts and birds did not escape

neither did these rustic pincushions

the stitched cloth-covered journals only had a short reprieve

[i finished them late last night]

to see everything all together, click here to visit my to market, to market post on my other blog


in the evenings, i’ve been making these baby birds, which i call hatchlings

they nestle in the palm of my hand, but they’re made to be worn as brooches

i made some at easter time, but now i’m making some more to sell at the deloraine market this saturday (after all, spring is around the corner here)

i’m sharing a stall with my daughter – should be fun!

for sale – click here (or come to the market …)

bird songs

as i was working on my origins page the other day, i noticed that i often use bird references in my work – not just in my more recent textile art, but in my earlier works, including quilts

here’s a taste

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[note – i made about a hundred different embroidered bird hangers and brooches, but i only put 2 of them in the above slideshow, otherwise i would have been here all day … maybe i’ll do a post just about them sometime]

currawongs in the rain

just this morning i heard a racket outside our window

several currawongs had come to visit, so i quickly got my kodak digital camera and took these shots

this was the first one i saw and heard while blogging on the couch in our loungeroom –

then it moved to the top of another tree and called again –

the second currawong was interested in the windfalls from our apple tree –

and the third flew to one of the birch trees –

all of them were calling to each other … it was amazing …

[to see how currawongs have recently begun to influence my textile art, click here …]