innocence lost

an eco dyed triptych in progress (dresses made from vintage linens, with oil stick rubbings added after dyeing; backgrounds made from old blanket pieces)

finished – history/her story

‘written in the cloth 7’, my entry for the 2015 tasmanian art quilt prize … rod pocket and label attached this morning [eco dyed and hand embroidered vintage nightdress and blanket remnant; vintage locket and silver key charms; black ribbon and safety pins; words printed with letter stamps]

written in the cloth 6

this will be a scroll – my entry for an exhibition in victoria

(eco dyed silk and wool; hand stitched)

even more subversive

in my previous post, i described the dismantling and possible repurposing of our electric blanket

starting with the wire for the base, i kept going until i ran out

next, i crocheted some of the stitched blanket edging which was cut off to access the wire

i let the loops and ends hang freely outside the edges

the cloth tapes used to tie the electric blanket (plus some more from my stash) add variety and texture

i also chained a long piece of wire that was left at the end of one row and another on the rim

possible name – connected

[size – 8.5 inches diameter, or 21.5 cm]

i’ve now started cutting the blanket fabric into long strips and crocheting them … more soon!