secrets – and 1 became 2

i’ve stitched another funky little birdsecrets - bird 2 - rita summers

it seems to get along very well with bird no. 1secrets - birds 1 +  2 c- rita summers

their dangly legs and loopy feathers make me smilesecrets - birds 1 + 2 b - rita summers

so… i’ve now made 8 altogether!

they’re all made from various designs in my original secrets fabric collection

[more photos next post]

blue daisies

following from my previous post, here is another of my experiments in fabric and wallpaper design

this is a test fabric swatch, measuring 8 in x 8 in
secrets - blue daisies 4, 218 dpi

it can also be printed as a wallpaper design, either as a standard roll or as a custom size, and has 14 repeats across the width of the roll

here is the original drawing-with-text;  it’s a detail from an ongoing visual diary i’ve been working on inside an old book since 2005

i’ve called it secrets, which is also the name of this collection of designs

besides wallpaper, this design can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, canvas and linen – more soon!

hands, hearts and rainbow colours (cont.)

today, I finished the quilt top that I posted about yesterdayImage

the blue batik border fabric wasn’t quite long enough, so I added thin pink batik strips on the ends

a miscalculation in the top and bottom borders meant a bit more tweaking (note the extra ‘sashing’ strips in pink)Image

well, they do say that every mistake is a creative opportunity!

river 2

this is the finished river community project

i love the way each section was individually made by different people, yet it all comes together so beautifully

being in australia, some parts of the river are in drought