[un]spoken words

Finished yesterday! Short video of my latest Coptic-bound handmade book featuring a map of New Norfolk on the covers, with vintage (stamped) sewing pattern tissue. Eco printed inside covers and pages with bronze stencilling. 

A continuing metamorphosis

Here is a 39-second video of my (un)spoken words triptych – this gives a bit of an idea of how it has morphed into an interactive artwork which is still in-progress. Boxes and books made from eco dyed 200 gsm art papers; I also used parts of an old book, vintage pattern tissue, and handwriting.

4th scroll

My (in)visible threads project continues!

[Eco dyed vintage fabrics and paper; eco dyed silk tape yarn and pestle cotton; commercial cotton; buttons from my stash; hand stitched and embroidered; jumbo spinning bobbins.]