subversiveness continues

this morning i finished a second bowl using materials from our dismantled electric blanket

it is crocheted from thin strips of the blanket material for the base and most of the sides

then i’ve added torn silk, including vintage silk linings, and satin ribbon

again, i let the ends hang out …

torn strips of silk are also piled into the basket

[7 inches diameter – top;  10.5 inches diameter – across widest point]

now to cut more strips for part 3 of this project …

‘nurture’ – vessels 1 and 2

this week i played around with jute string

to begin with, crocheting these little vessels was quite hard on my hands

once i loosened my tension the process became much easier

i added little woollen collars, done in rib stitch

buttons from my stash added the finishing touch

[jute string, wool, buttons]

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