to wrap a power pole

we’re having an event here this weekend called wrapped in st marys … textile artists are wrapping the power poles in the town centre, and there will be a classic car show and other events throughout the weekend

this is my entry in the textile art competition; i’ve embellished the ties with beads to make them more a part of the wrap’s design, rather than just being utilitarian

i also made 3D leaves to embellish the lefthand edge

the background is fused and machine-stitched strip piecing in autumn colours, which is the current season ‘down under’ (winter starts tomorrow!)

four currawongs visited us every day for about 2 weeks, which provided the inspiration for my design; traditionally it means a storm is coming when they become more active and vocal than usual

this is the blurb i wrote for my description – the title is ‘4’ –

currawongs (dark storm prophets)

feast on fruit in our front yard

I watch as lightning streaks to

all 4 corners of the earth

(c) rita summers 2012

not for sale

over the top 3

i finally finished this set early this month … i ran out of beads so it sat in my basket for a while

i’ve called it panorama, because the colours and textures remind me of the rural landscape here in northeast tasmania

here’s the hat –

here’s the scarf –

and here they are together –


is it freeform … maybe it’s just another type of collage
anyway, i never use a pattern, so i think all my crochet is freeform
i just make it up as i go along

here it is in a tree in our yard –

and now it’s on the sundial –

whatever it is, i had fun making it …


honey i yarnbombed the yard 2

here are some garlands i made with tapestry wools found in a thrift shop by my daughter, plus yarn leftovers from my stash

one is made in autumn colours; the other four are made in spring colours