tassie bushfire quilts done!

all ready to be picked up and given to those who have lost everything

just to show them we care and to send them a little bit of love and comfort from st marys

tasmanian bushfires

Apart from having a gallery and studio, we operate an agency selling Wide Span Sheds and Homes. The devastion in our island state has prompted us to commit to give up 50% of our commission on kit homes and/or sheds sold to victims of the Tasmanian bushfires, MATCHED BY a dollar-for-dollar discount donated by the company.

Country Home

This gives a total of 10 % off the listed price of our buildings to any victim of the bushfires who provides proof of loss of buildings (eg. copy of insurance assessment).  For example, if a kit home costs $40,000, the saving amounts to $4000.


The buildings are designed for the owner builder, which really helps to save on labour costs.  However, clients can also opt to employ a builder to put them up.
Here are some of the types of buildings we offer:

Country Estate

Aussie Barn

Gable Open

Rural Retreat

To see the full range, please visit www.sheds.com.au

Our agency can be contacted direct at:

Gone Rustic,
37 Main Street
St Marys Tas 7215

0363722724 (diverts to mobile if unanswered)

Rita and Ian Summers =D