A4 book page

For a fibre + textile book challenge.


[Leaves laid on the bed of my scanner/printer with a sheet of eco printed paper, then colour copied onto printable fabric; layered with a gun leaf, a skeleton leaf and a piece of teabag paper; machine quilted; embellishments added.]

custom order!

recently a customer in my gallery bought several of my little embroidered hearts and birds

she showed her friend, and the friend liked them so much she rang me and ordered some for her family

2 pale pink heart brooches

and 1 green bird key hanger

3 more birds to go …

[p.s. – i dried the rose petals and buds myself – just something i like to do whenever someone gives me flowers!]


  • if you would like to custom order a brooch or purchase a ready-made bird hanger, please click here
  • to purchase a ready-made heart brooch or hanger, please click here


rebound, filled with original drawings, stiched and folded … to see more, go to storylines

not for sale