I seem to have a thing about circles this year!

Slow stitching the last of 4 textile scrolls. Eco dyed vintage wool blanket and linen or cotton; hand stitched. 

forbidden fruit

in 2011 i bought myself an embellisher so i could try some needlefelting

i made some samples first [which i’ll post separately]

then i started needlefelting a circular piece which became the centre of a round quilt

the background is the tops of 2 pairs of men’s socks, including a worn-out pair made by my mother

i needlefelted threads, yarns, torn fabric and ribbon onto the background

then i added machine quilting, followed by lots of hand embroidery

the border (which was tricky to fit) was then handquilted with red thread

some washers from the hardware section of our supermarket surround the central circle

the binding is made from the wrong side of a piece of patterned fabric

this quilt is currently touring around tasmania as part of an exhibition called circles

here is the artist’s statement i wrote to go with the quilt –

forbidden fruit offered on a plate –

luscious, succulent and sweet at first,

followed all too often by disappointment,

disillusionment and pain

© Rita Summers 2011

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