original fabric designs

think tasmania posted a status on facebook yesterday asking if anyone local is designing/printing upholstery fabrics

the answer is – yes, I do!

mine is digitally printed to order, and the designs are based on my original drawings and text

linen cotton canvas and heavy cotton twill are two choices; there are a number of other fabric choices also

you can also order wallpaper and wall decals in my designs

the design collections can be viewed and ordered here –

gonerustic spoonflower screenshot

breaking news

I’m a featured artist on manufactured dissent … so excited!alone with silence 3 - Rita SummersPlease support them by clicking this link:



or to be precise – everyone seems to be smiling today

this is the name of the sketchbook i’ve just sent to new york for the sketchbook project

sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 1 sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 2to see all the pages, click here

cards on redbubble

i’m really excited to announce that my original drawings with text are now available for sale in my new redbubble shop

prices start at only $1.75 per card

available styles include 4 in x 6 in (greeting card or postcard) and 5 in x 7.5 in

a great way to collect and/or give some of my original artwork …

from original drawing with text ty rita summers

babushka 4 by rita summers

secrets (more stitching)

stitched together 2 more blocks todaysecrets block 4 b - by rita summers

secrets block 7 b - by rita summersthey are now keeping the first block companysecrets block 1 b - by rita summers

3 down, 7 more to go …

[to see more fabrics in this collection, click here]