this is the first of a series of blog posts about my new fabric and wallpaper designs

the first featured collection is secrets, based on my original drawings with text

click here to view the entire collection

or to view this example, click on the image below (leaf 2)

secrets - leaf 2

[to see the original drawings, click here]

blue daisies

following from my previous post, here is another of my experiments in fabric and wallpaper design

this is a test fabric swatch, measuring 8 in x 8 in
secrets - blue daisies 4, 218 dpi

it can also be printed as a wallpaper design, either as a standard roll or as a custom size, and has 14 repeats across the width of the roll

here is the original drawing-with-text;  it’s a detail from an ongoing visual diary i’ve been working on inside an old book since 2005

i’ve called it secrets, which is also the name of this collection of designs

besides wallpaper, this design can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, canvas and linen – more soon!


i’ve been experimenting with some of my drawings

some of them have become fabric designs, and some might even become designs for wallpaper


this design, which I worked on today, was based on a drawing called fossil

600, 200 and 1000

thanks to the blogging community – i.e. you – i reached some milestones over the past week


200 follows


i started this blog in april this year and had no idea it would create this much interest

thank you from the bottom of my heart

designer fabrics

i’ve been experimenting with designing fabrics based on my drawings

here’s a sample based on a page from one of my artist books

a range of fabrics (including cotton, wool, silk, canvas and upholstery weight) are available

click on the banner below to see/buy my designs

then click on the collections tab to view each group as an entity