WIP (work in progress)

Today I needle felted and machine stitched some threads, ribbon and yarn to an eco dyed wool background.

New journal covers coming up! [6 photos]


A mini video!

Here is an overview of the textile art postcards I’ve been working on. They will now be mailed all over the world!

Made from pieces of eco dyed wool blanket, incorporating oil stick rubbings of a carved panel, needlefelting, machine quilting, hand embroidery and metal washers.

Music is “Nocturne” by Duo Sol.

framed, plus … (cont.)

i’ve been working on these for just over a week

here are the first 3 pieces (one still being worked on and unframed)

i’m calling them my impressionist series –

[needlefelted thread and yarn snippings, fabric scraps and ribbon onto wool felt;  machine quilted in free motion; hand stitched embroidery]

to find out how i started this project, click here

framed, plus …

in between other projects and looking after the gallery, i’ve been layering some thread and wool snippings onto an A4-sized sheet of wool felt

then i needelfelted the whole thing before adding torn strips of fabric and ribbon and needlefelting it again

today, i did some free-motion stitching on the sewing machine in pink and silver grey threads to bring it all together

the photo above shows the completed first stage, just after i cut it up

the 3 inch x 3 inch squares will be embroidered and framed

i’m planning to use the leftover scraps (see below) to make fibre jewellery, which i’ve been wanting to try for a while

my daughter suggested making the strip into a cuff  – good idea!

will post the final ‘products’ when i’ve done the embroidery – finished one tonight …

forbidden fruit

in 2011 i bought myself an embellisher so i could try some needlefelting

i made some samples first [which i’ll post separately]

then i started needlefelting a circular piece which became the centre of a round quilt

the background is the tops of 2 pairs of men’s socks, including a worn-out pair made by my mother

i needlefelted threads, yarns, torn fabric and ribbon onto the background

then i added machine quilting, followed by lots of hand embroidery

the border (which was tricky to fit) was then handquilted with red thread

some washers from the hardware section of our supermarket surround the central circle

the binding is made from the wrong side of a piece of patterned fabric

this quilt is currently touring around tasmania as part of an exhibition called circles

here is the artist’s statement i wrote to go with the quilt –

forbidden fruit offered on a plate –

luscious, succulent and sweet at first,

followed all too often by disappointment,

disillusionment and pain

© Rita Summers 2011

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