A Very Tasmanian Dress

I hope you enjoy this short video which documents the finished design of Stephanie King’s gown for the Miss Universe Australia 2016 event. It was created by couturier Rudolf Ramseyer from fabric I eco dyed at his request, supplied by Ruche Fabrics.

Click on the image to see the video.

 (Photographs by Rudolf Ramseyer and Jarred Seng.)

Hope to make these up next week!

Eco dyed cotton fabrics, ready to be made into a one-off garment. Remnants from our local charity shop. [To see more photos, please visit my Facebook page here.]

Luckily, native cherry grows on our land … 

Cotton cardigan reinvented with eco dyeing (native cherry + copper) and an added torn vintage silk trim. Goes well with the asymmetric cotton tunic I made from eco dyed fabrics a couple of weeks back!

I love the variety of greens it gives. The cardi was originally a pale mint; the dress fabrics were beige.

The unveiling – eco printing successful! 

To see the complete video (2.35 minutes, with music), click on the image … the moment when couturier Rudolf Ramseyer and I were trying to take a selfie.