new book

so thrilled …

this newly published book of crochet art is inspirational and shows that the sky’s the limit as far as crochet is concerned

included is my matriarchs piece, featuring crochet as applique

you can preview the whole book here (and also buy it) –

heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this book together!

crochet on pinterest

it will probably come as no surprise that i’ve become addicted to pinterest over the christmas break

i’ve just made a new ‘pinboard’ to showcase crochet ideas and gifts – mine and other people’s

to browse, click here

bird brooch

no-cost display stands

i’ve been trying to work out the best way to display my neckpiece creations

yesterday i played around with some upcycled corrugated cardboard packaging and – voila! – this happened

the slots for fitting them together had to be angled so that the stands leaned back a bit, otherwise the weight of the neckpieces would tip them forward

all i needed was a stanley knife (luckily i have one) to make these, and each one took about 2 minutes to make

i think all those childhood hours spent playing with (and making) paper dolls finally paid off …