Why are we selling my gallery/studio?

Two reasons: 1) So I can be more flexible with my arts business (which is not for sale); and 2) So we can finish our house. We don’t owe anyone for anything and we want to keep it that way! Husband Ian has done most of the building so far by himself in his ‘spare’ time, except for concreting and some of the roof. And yes, we do have planning approval for a studio cabin!

To find out more, see our listing here.

I love dressing up the mannequins!

 Eco dyed goodness on display at Gone Rustic yesterday. Closed for a few days now, but you can still shop online at www.gonerustic.com.

new online shop

After being on Etsy for a number of years, I wanted to upgrade to a more professional, streamlined virtual shop. ┬áIt’s a work in progress but it’s looking good so far!

Click here to find out more … happy browsing!