mail art

the stages of construction of my latest textile art postcards (part of an international ‘bling’ challenge swap ) … just wondering if they need more bling?

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never a dull moment

my first-ever altered book was originally an old metallurgy textbook

I renamed it never a dull momentImage

the above photo shows the 4th spread, featuring a  phoenix

i painted all the pages with various colours first, then glazed them with thinned-down antique gold

when that was dry, i added collage (mostly from old children’s books), as well as postal packaging and then more paint

i wanted the book to be interactive, so i made flaps on some pages, with images and messages hidden under them


of course i can’t resist adding fibres and other embellishments to my work so this book was no exception

i also glazed the front cover with antique gold very lightly, and cut an opening so you can glimpse what’s inside

many of the images and themes express personal experiences and feelings in a symbolic way

not for sale

secret admirer

made from a book about beethoven … pastel rubbings, painted dyes, machine stitch, hand embroidery, foiling; original writing; found writing; origami

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