played around one evening and these were ‘born’

photographed 5 this morning but have made 5 more since

cradled them in a pottery dish made by a famous scottish potter, which i found in a village market in tasmania

size 3 hook; grey yarn (not sure what it is, as it was given to me; could be sock wool as it’s on a cone); mauve/grey bugle beads

for sale – click here

crochet neckpiece

i’ve finally got around to photographing some of the more subversive crochet i’ve been working on

here is a detail of a crochet neckpiece i made to my own design –

the beads are vintage and made of glass; the yarn is a from a cone of thin wool someone gave me

i also incorporated metal washers from the hardware shop and some black sustainable wood beads

an upcycled button works well as a closure, with a few dangly bits to add interest

it’s for sale, but if it doesn’t sell i’ll wear it myself … i really love it, and the colours match my wardrobe

for sale – click here

1 crochet hook – 2 different effects

i’m currently working on some infinity scarves to sell

both these projects are being crocheted with a size 10 crochet hook , which is almost as thick as my little finger

however, one scarf is being made with a double thickness of yarn (purple and grey)

the other scarf uses only one thickness of a beautiful hand-dyed alpaca yarn, bought at the alpaca shoppe in deloraine tasmania

just goes to show how you can use the same size crochet hook and get a totally different effect!

for sale soon

over the top 3

i finally finished this set early this month … i ran out of beads so it sat in my basket for a while

i’ve called it panorama, because the colours and textures remind me of the rural landscape here in northeast tasmania

here’s the hat –

here’s the scarf –

and here they are together –