string and metal

i’ve always enjoyed trying out unusual materials for my fibre and textile art

crochet is no exception – this little basket is made from string

metal washers appear regularly in my work

they make the basket just slightly subversive!


i love experimenting … i made two crochet cuffs featuring beads and hardware

however, one cuff sold before i had a chance to photograph it

this one i got in time

i’ve called it urban

the beads are sustainable wood

the buttons are from my stash and the washers came from the hardware section at our local supermarket

for sale – click here

crochet neckpiece

i’ve finally got around to photographing some of the more subversive crochet i’ve been working on

here is a detail of a crochet neckpiece i made to my own design –

the beads are vintage and made of glass; the yarn is a from a cone of thin wool someone gave me

i also incorporated metal washers from the hardware shop and some black sustainable wood beads

an upcycled button works well as a closure, with a few dangly bits to add interest

it’s for sale, but if it doesn’t sell i’ll wear it myself … i really love it, and the colours match my wardrobe

for sale – click here