Have you been to St Marys Tasmania lately?

Catch up on photos and podcasts of yesterday’s live show in front of the gallery with Penny Terry of ABC Northern Tasmania via the link below. What an amazing afternoon we had – and now we can enjoy it all over again online!

Click here to see photos and listen to the podcasts.


island of treasures

this book has just been published and features museums and small collections in tasmania

page 65 features my favourite man and the museum he set up, called st marys cranks and tinkerers

it also features his prized 1949 anglia ford tourermuseum book - 3he opened the museum in an old supermarket a few years ago, and when that was put up for sale, he had to pack it up

now the museum is open again, in the historic st marys railway station

this very high-quality book was put together by museum consultant sue atkinsonmuseum book - 1our copy features her personal autographmuseum book - 2tasmania is full of treasures and this book is a great way to find out about them!