connected – at last

yesterday i finally picked up my crochet hook and did some more work on my connected installationconnected - 1-4 d - rita summers 2012

it’s been about 2 months

[upcycled electric blanket fabric and wire; torn silk from antique kimono lining and other silk from my stash]

yet more subversiveness

the connected installation is starting to come together

bowl no. 3 (check out the previous posts about bowl 1 and bowl 2)

[crocheted with a size 10 crochet hook – strips hand cut from upcycled electric blanket fabric; electric blanket tapes and wire; torn silk, including vintage; satin ribbon]

subversiveness continues

this morning i finished a second bowl using materials from our dismantled electric blanket

it is crocheted from thin strips of the blanket material for the base and most of the sides

then i’ve added torn silk, including vintage silk linings, and satin ribbon

again, i let the ends hang out …

torn strips of silk are also piled into the basket

[7 inches diameter – top;  10.5 inches diameter – across widest point]

now to cut more strips for part 3 of this project …

river 1

i made this sample for a community installation workshop i taught in queensland, called river

this first step was to stitch white-on-white on shaped pieces of cotton wadding using scraps of lace, torn fabric, buttons, embroidery and (in my case at least) crochet –

the next step was to dye it in 3 different colours using the microwave –

i chose blue, purple and green for my sample

[next post – photos of the finished installation]