crochet on wallpaper

seems like a weird idea, but somehow it works

based on my flower power crochet

my original designs, available as wallpaper or fabric

flower power 1
flower power 1

flower power 1 b
flower power 1 b

flower power 2
flower power 2

flower power 2 b
flower power 2 b

what’s in a name?

we’ve had this book (and others by the same author) for years

when it came time to find a name for my business, it seemed fitting to use its title

cecil roberts wrote this book to describe his renovation of a cottage outside london in the 1930’s, just before the second world war

london has now swallowed up this rural idyll, but we believe the cottage still exists

click here to find out more about cecil roberts

gallery revamped 2

in my last post i shared some photos i took with my phone of the renovations inside our gallery and studio

i couldn’t resist taking more today, with my camera this time

the afternoon light was magical

[we’re planning to install a gallery hanging system on the walls soon, depending how much cash is left]

many thanks to rodney bushing and the crew for the work on the ceiling, and all home services for the painting!

gallery revamped

recently we decided to replace the ceiling in our gallery, and repaint both the gallery and the studio

it was a lot of work emptying everything out, but it was great fun re-organising and re-arranging

here are the results – just click on the first photo to start the slide show (you can also see more photos here)

[the last 2 photos show the gallery before painting]