The perfect dress

Found the perfect dress to go with the embellished cardigan I shared the other day. Dress was taupe (nylon/spandex); now transformed with shades of soft citrus green, purple and black. Dye pot of wild cherry and alum in spring water; sprayed with a vinegar solution before layering with 3 kinds of eucalyptus and wrapping around an iron bar. Slow-cooked in a crockpot for 5 hours.

Eco prints on paper

I’m pretty pleased with these! Here are 3 of the 14 papers I did on Tuesday, using leaves gathered from our front yard. I dipped the papers in either tea or iron water before layering, and steamed them for 1.5 hours. More photos here.

New project on the go

Eco dyed vintage Japanese kimono silk, plus pieces of cotton interlock I used as ‘iron blankets’ when eco dyeing a top (love how they turned out).

Slow-stitching the vintage silk onto a piece of handwoven Donegal tweed given to me by my daughter.

Eco prints, cont.

[Watercolour paper (300 gsm); leaves; onion skins; rusty nails etc.; papers dipped in alum water and leaves dipped in tea before layering and steaming for 2 hours under weights.]