about 3 rivers

i posted this week about an art quilt – or scroll – that i’m working on, called 3 rivers

i’ve been asked if i can verbalise what it’s about, so i gave it a go this morning

this is an edited version of what i wrote

3 rivers

1st river – this river signifies the end of a journey and re-entry into inheritance

2nd river – this river signifies an ancient travelling route and meeting place

3rd river – this river runs with blood

it is also about –

  • despair/hope
  • end/beginning
  • exile/restoration
  • death/life
  • blood/water

when the river turned to blood we could not drink the water

  • the black war
  • the black line
  • the convicts

it is very complex and it took a while – layer upon layer of meaning, coming out of my Christian faith and my response to tasmanian history