beanies roadshow

the alice springs beanie festival has grown from strength to strength

this year’s festival is over, but the beanies are going on the road, including 4 of mine

when all the beanies have arrived at the collection point in queensland, they will travel through several australian states

to find out more about the alice springs beanie festival, including next year’s event, click here

mEsH 3 + 4

following on from my previous post, here are the 3rd and 4th infinity scarves in this series

mEsH 3

mEsH 4

both these scarves were crocheted in double thickness 8 ply yarn with a size 10 crochet hook

the disks are single strand, crocheted with a size 4 hook

all 4 scarves in this series are shown here

for sale – click here

1 crochet hook – 2 different effects

i’m currently working on some infinity scarves to sell

both these projects are being crocheted with a size 10 crochet hook , which is almost as thick as my little finger

however, one scarf is being made with a double thickness of yarn (purple and grey)

the other scarf uses only one thickness of a beautiful hand-dyed alpaca yarn, bought at the alpaca shoppe in deloraine tasmania

just goes to show how you can use the same size crochet hook and get a totally different effect!

for sale soon