UPDATE: sold [vintage tablecloth transformed]

Eco dyed, armholes added, hand stitched appliqué. Teamed with a thrifted eco dyed strapless dress and a crochet necklace of my own design.
More photos, details and purchase information at www.gonerustic.com.

[in]visible threads

A short video.

Eco dyed and rusted vintage and upcycled linen doileys and a cotton cot sheet; also eco dyed brown paper. Mostly hand stitched. Size – A3 (my entry in a challenge on ‘making your mark’).

[in]visible threads 2

A detail shot of an eco dyed and hand stitched scroll I’ve been working on (the second in a series of four).  

Come and share my eco fashion journey

For an updated overview of the development of my new eco fashion label, please join me on my dedicated blog page via this link! There is also a slide show … enjoy!



This week’s dyeing efforts, labelled and ready to go! 

Eco dyed on Monday; bundles unrolled Tuesday; washed (by Ian) on Wednesday, ironed today. [10 photos]