A mini video!

Here is an overview of the textile art postcards I’ve been working on. They will now be mailed all over the world!

Made from pieces of eco dyed wool blanket, incorporating oil stick rubbings of a carved panel, needlefelting, machine quilting, hand embroidery and metal washers.

Music is “Nocturne” by Duo Sol.

mail art

the stages of construction of my latest textile art postcards (part of an international ‘bling’ challenge swap ) … just wondering if they need more bling?

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textile postcards

yesterday I machine stitched all over the art cloth collage I shared in my previous blog post, then today I cut it into 6 cards (4 in x 6 in), backed each one with archival art paper and machine stitched around all the edges (made for the PostmarkdArt ‘words’ swap challenge)


art cloth collage

leftover pieces of art cloth layered with scraps of commercial fabric and words printed on silk; fused onto wool wadding and ready for stitching … this will then be cut up to make textile postcards for the PostmarkArt ‘words’ challenge