exhibition by linda burns 4

recently i had the privilege of attending the opening of linda burns’ first solo exhibition at the golden gate gallery, mathinna, tasmania

this is the final post showing photos of this exhibition – but certainly not the last we’ll hear of this talented artist

a range of beautifully constructed bowls and a geometrically decorated platter –

some  serving dishes –

a selection of bowls decorated in similar glazes –

and bowls in more earthy colours –

last – but definitely not least – the historic cottage which is the golden gate gallery

if you would like to visit the gallery, check out a map of the area first so you don’t get lost – just type mathinna, tasmania in the search box

click here to visit linda burns’ facebook page

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exhibition by linda burns 1

exhibition by linda burns 2

exhibition by linda burns 3

exhibition by linda burns 3

here are some more photos of mathinna artist linda burns’ first solo exhibition

if the you missed the other posts about this, you can find them here and here

displayed in these photos:

several figures in linda’s trademark crackle glaze, as well as other ceramic forms and colourful paintings –

2 larger figures in dramatic poses –

and 2 ceramic nudes –

[next post – final selection of photos from this exhibition]

exhibition by linda burns 2

some more of linda burns’ wonderful artwork (click here if you missed the first post about this)

a selection of ceramics; note the striking designs and dramatic use of colour –

a set of 3 ceramic portraits with text –

2 paintings with dynamic colour and design; 5 ceramic nudes in interesting crackle-glazed finishes –

the official launch of the exhibition –

[linda is the one with the long hair and scarf just left of the central window]

exhibition by linda burns 1

the northeast corner of tasmania is a place where art happens

yesterday we went to an exhibition launch at the mathinna golden gate gallery called from my hand – the first solo exhibition of local artist linda burns

here’s a selection of her colourful ceramics:

a vibrant platter –

another platter, striking in simple black lines on a white background –

and a selection of geometric designs –

More photos soon …