what’s in the booklet?

i added a booklet to my completed artwork, the random years

the random years, back detail c - rita summers 2014

click here to read what’s inside

(see previous post for more pics)


100_1785i love using found objects on my textile art pieces – including nails (in this case, vintage handmade copper ones)

other additions include plastic milk bottle rings inside the little gathered silk yo yos, a broken ring, the inside of a broken clothes peg and some old leather buttons

anything is fair game if it can be stitched on or into

after some soul-searching, i’ve also decided to offer it for sale

‘matriarchs’ – a tribute to the women who have nurtured us and contributed to our society through the centuries

crochet pull tabs

reposted from escama studio

crochet pull tab flower

click here or on the image to see this tutorial – great way to use up something that’s usually thrown away!

journal covers

i briefly showed these when we were preparing for the deloraine market

now that’s all over, i can give you a better look at them

i’ve only made 2 so far, but i think i’ll be making more soon

[plant dyed wool blanket, found objects, upcycled buttons, perle cotton, stitch]

for sale – 1st featured journal; please contact us here if you are interested

sold – 2nd featured journal