The moral of the story is – don’t throw away your onion skins!

I asked the supermarket across the street from the gallery to save onion skins for me from their vegetable department. The result is a gorgeous pink and gold/green mottled effect on this vintage slip! Dye pot of bracken fern and alum in an electric urn (the slip was also wrapped and tied around a rusty trampoline spring).   

recent eco prints

three examples of the 36 eco prints I did on paper this week, using my steamer and leaves from around the house – blackberry, hydrangea and rose; papers soaked in washing soda solution before steaming; salt added to the steamer water (time: 4 hours)

more eco-dyeing

wool and silk dyed in a brass pot with copper mordant, layered and bundled with leaves (blackberry, lassiandara, hydrangea, rose) in one bundle, and rusty nails added to the layers in the second bundle …