More than just glimpses!

Different effects using elderberries – some blue and some pink, with even a touch of red! Sizes – S, M

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The moral of the story is – don’t throw away your onion skins!

I asked the supermarket across the street from the gallery to save onion skins for me from their vegetable department. The result is a gorgeous pink and gold/green mottled effect on this vintage slip! Dye pot of bracken fern and alum in an electric urn (the slip was also wrapped and tied around a rusty trampoline spring).   

night time dyeing

a vintage nylon slip arrived in the mail yesterday, and I could not wait to dye it;  so there I was, dyeing in the dark on the verandah last night by lamplight  … 

(unveiled early this morning – slip and scarf were a creamy white before I started)