little birds

i’ve been making little embroidered birds since the middle of 2011

i think i’ve made hundreds so far and they’re all gone – either sold or given away as gifts to friends and family

no two birds were the same – they were all free cut and free embroidered

in spite of this i felt i needed a changebirdsong 1b - rita summers

so now i’m altering the wool felt with a fused paint technique before stitching

birdsong 1e - rita summers birdsong 1d - rita summers birdsong 1a - rita summers

birdsong cont.

these little birds are being hatched continuously, mostly in the eveningsbirdsongs - rita summers jan 2013

[wool felt and hand embroidery; wool filling; button from my stash]

for sale here

catchup – xmas fun at gone rustic

i thought i’d share what we made at our christmas breakup night here at gone rusticxmas at gone rustic 2012

we all made giant paper stars (snowflakes?) from 2 different sorts of paper

everyone seems pleased with their handiwork … or was it anticipation for the tasty supper that was waiting for us?

snowflake or star?

had a go at making a giant christmas decoration this week

i used old sheet music for this one, which measures about 20 inches in diameter

i also experimented with magazine pages

it all came about because i’m working out ideas for a window display at my gallery

[if you want to make one yourself, check out this blog post from butterfly kisses]

custom order!

recently a customer in my gallery bought several of my little embroidered hearts and birds

she showed her friend, and the friend liked them so much she rang me and ordered some for her family

2 pale pink heart brooches

and 1 green bird key hanger

3 more birds to go …

[p.s. – i dried the rose petals and buds myself – just something i like to do whenever someone gives me flowers!]


  • if you would like to custom order a brooch or purchase a ready-made bird hanger, please click here
  • to purchase a ready-made heart brooch or hanger, please click here