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just checked my stats, and I’m stunned

i’ve only been blogging since april … a BIG thank you to everyone who’s dropped in!

[if would like to know more about the drawing below, just click on it …]


they did not love like she did

this was originally a child’s board book which i collaged with squares of paper from a shoe catalogue

i then painted a wash of gouache over everything which give a good surface for drawing with pencil

front cover –


interior spreads –






[i’d just begun experimenting with adding text to my drawings; it’s the only time (so far) that i used pencil instead of ink pen]

not for sale

secrets 2

some more pages from my altered book/visual journal …

a spread which i’ve titled regret

another spread, called confidence

another, called debt of love

and the last one for this post: learn peace (easier said than done) –

not for sale


i’ve been working on a visual journal since 2005 and revisit it at various times

it began as an old devotional book called secrets of a beautiful life, which I’ve retitled secrets

after 7 years i felt it might be time to share some of my journal pages …

here’s the inside front cover and title page; this spread is called silent times

i’ve called this spread sing

this is one is called healed

and this one, heart and mind

i was inspired by a reworked book published in 1973 by british artist tom phillips, titled humument

not for sale