Eco prints, cont.

[Watercolour paper (300 gsm); leaves; onion skins; rusty nails etc.; papers dipped in alum water and leaves dipped in tea before layering and steaming for 2 hours under weights.]

The moral of the story is – don’t throw away your onion skins!

I asked the supermarket across the street from the gallery to save onion skins for me from their vegetable department. The result is a gorgeous pink and gold/green mottled effect on this vintage slip! Dye pot of bracken fern and alum in an electric urn (the slip was also wrapped and tied around a rusty trampoline spring).   

fresh from the dyepots

gorgeous silk top and drapey jacket/cardigan, from this week’s eco dyeing … silk top with diagonal frill (bundled with eucalyptus leaves and iron nails; banksia dyepot using an old brass planter); nylon drapey jacket with collar detail (bundled with blackberry and eucalyptus leaves; mystery shrub dyepot with borax in an aluminium pan)

solar dyeing

some photo highlights of the bundles of wool and silk which have been steeping in a jar in our sunroom (all natural dyes using leaves from the garden and rusty nails)