i’m becoming more subversive

yesterday my love and i dismantled our electric blanket

we weren’t just being destructive

it had actually stopped working

i thought the wool material would be great for dyeing

but being a subversive type, especially where crochet is concerned, i looked at the wiring (and my size 10 giant crochet hook) with a thoughtful eye

note the heat discolouration – lucky we didn’t catch fire

now i’m looking at the cotton tapes …

honey i yarnbombed the yard 3

these started as mushrooms but ended up becoming woodland jellyfish … when I yarnbombed the yard and took photos of them, my autumn and spring garlands got into the act as well

honey i yarnbombed the yard 1

is it really yarnbombing when you only do your own yard?

i must say i rather liked how it changed it to an even more magical place … i was tempted to leave my creations there indefinitely

here’s a buttoned tree jumper on a cotoneaster bush that’s almost a tree – click on a thumbnail to see the big picture


i made this as a tribute to the generations of women who have impacted our family …

for sale – click here