getting shirty

thanks to pillows-a-la-mode, I was inspired to recycle a shirt into something new

to be precise, a pyjama shirt, recycled into many new thingsgetting shirty - rita summers 2013there was enough fabric to make a cushion, 2 x luggage tags, a journal cover, 2 x brooches, a cuff, a drawstring bag, 2 x pocket bags, a heart hanger and a wallet

wool felt added; embellished with buttons, beads and hand stitching

[i am offering this as a workshop this year – click here to enrol or find out more]

new pockets – the process

i usually forget to take photos of my work until i’m finished

today i actually remembered to photograph one of my new pockets while i was making it

pocket 3 again uses my own plant dyed and rusted fabrics, including a lacy bed jacket which I’ve cut up

here it is with the background collage loosely pinned in place

next, i stitched and trimmed the background section, adding a torn strip and lace fragment

the last photo shows the finished background (note the extra piece of collage)

after that comes the fun bit – hand embroidery and embellishment

next post:  finished pockets 2 and 3

[to see pocket 1, click here]

pocket swap 1

recently i was invited to join an online group called cloth paper studio

I have put my hand up for one of their swaps, which is to make a layered and stitched fabric pocket which can be incorporated into a book (click here to see a wonderful example of the finished product)

here is my first attempt for the swap, made from brocade, damask, silk, satin, linen and cotton from my stash, as well as trimmed edges from used teabags

it is entirely hand stitched

each of us will make 2 pockets to send away, and in return we will each receive 2 new ones from other members

at least one fabric has to be upcycled (not a problem for me, as most of what i’ve used is upcycled, as well as the buttons)

I also collaged the trimmings on top for added texture, and added a little bit of embroidery

just have to find a closure for it now …