Gallery jam, cont.

More photos of what turned out to be a great way to celebrate my gallery’s 12th birthday. [These photos were contributed by Peter Troode]


quilt + journal featured!

i’m thrilled to announce that my submission to have a quilt + journal featured on the quilt shop navigator blog was accepted

thank you so much for the opportunity, lenaya!

to see my work featured on lenaya’s blog, please click on the imagedoorkeepers photo collage - rita summers

shadows fading

over the last few years i’ve been working on several series of drawings on the backs of old railway tickets

this series is called unlocked

here’s one of them – to see more, click here


for several years i’ve been making art on the theme of earthsongs

some of my rusted and mixed media artworks are in this series

i also did a series of 6 drawings on paper bags with earthsongs as the title

earthsongs 1

I hand stitched around the edge of each bag with black perle cotton

inside the bag is a piece of rusted paper with the words from the drawing written on it

to see all 6 drawings, click here



i made this scroll from postal packaging and other upcycled papers which I’ve rusted using various solutions


a coating of shellac intensifies the colour and seals the papers, which are then glued together with pva glue

one of my original poems is also hand-written in one line from beginning to end of the scroll



stitching has also been added for extra texture, and found wire used for the closure