this arrived in the mail yesterday – a lovely surprise (includes my own photographs of my artwork)




a while ago i posted that my textile art would be featured this year in quilting arts magazine

well, it’s finally happened!

my complimentary issues arrived in the mail yesterday:

quilting arts magazine

for a sneak preview, and to order your own copy, click here

to see extra images of my work on the quilting daily website, click here


my odyssey quilt is in the latest issue of the american quilters newsletter magazine

i’m excited!

it was part of a special exhibit at the houston quilt festival, through australian tutor and textile artist lisa walton

here’s the magazine cover –
 spread 1, which includes my quilt at lower centre left –
 spread 2 –
i was very proud to see quilts by several other tasmanians featured in this article as well
[another of my quilts, doorkeepers, was also in the exhibition, but not in the magazine; that’s ok – i’m very happy even one of my quilts was published!